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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Latest News!!

Hi every body!  How do you like the change of weather? It went to being really hot to cold. I think I like the cooler weather better. Oh  my, I can't believe that it is going to be October tomorrow. This month has gone so fast.

I have started school, I am home schooled so I do school at home.This year I am doing school online so I have to go to different libraries to get internet because our connection is not that good. This online program is called e2020 education. It is a very easy program to understand.

Up date on my horse (Addie). Addie is do so well I have been training her to rear (but not wile I am on her). She rears so high that some time I think she is going to fall over, but she doesn't.I have also  been training her to bow, she still needs work on that though. Addie has been doing really good on her barrels and cow cutting too. Yesterday I went out to our cow pasture and I was herding one of our steers. I decided to let her go and see what she would do, so I did. Guess what! She knew what to do she just went at it and I was holding on so I wouldn't fall off. Sometimes  she turned so sharp that I thought that she was going to fall over. After a little while I had to stop her because she just kept herding that steer and didn't want to stop. So I had to stop her before she fall over died from running and working too hard.  She is a great cow horse.
                                                     Here is a picture of Addie rearing.

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