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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Colorado Trip and Fair Week!!

7-6-12- It has been a great summer for me and my family.  On July 6 we left for the National Dairy Goat Show in Loveland, Colorado.  We had  some bad things happen and other we thought would never happen. Two of the biggest things that happened was one of the trailer tires fell off when getting on our first highway. The other thing was that our best goat Thea, died. But other than that we had a great vacation. We hiked up to Horsetooth Mountain,  went riding up a big mountain with horses, went to Wyoming's capital building, but did not go inside.  We did some other things too but to top that all off, we went  to  the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park, Colorado. We also did pretty good at the goat show too. 
                                            Here are some Colorado pictures-

                                           One of the cool pictures I took at the Rooftop Rodeo

                                                        Horsetooth Mountain

The Rocky Mountains

                                 We girls went riding in the mountain.  Mom is on Geronimo, Abigail on Captain, I am on Scout, Rebekah on Cash, and Elizabeth on Mr. Wilson. 

        8-12-12 - Our family just got back from the Calhoun County Fair. It was a great week for me and my family. I took a goat and pig, Abigail took a dairy starter calf and a steer,and Elizabeth took a goat and pig also. Ben and Rebekah just helped show our goats. Abigail won showmanship on her dairy starter calf and  I won showmanship on goats!! I was so excited because that meant that I could do the "Show of Champions". Show of champions is for whoever wins showmanship with their animal. They can go around and show all of the 14 species of animals on Saturday. I had a blast since it was my first time. Abigail won the Senior group and has now won the Beginner, Intermediate and Senior trophies in the Show of Champions. We are so proud of her. Elizabeth won Grand Champion on her Market wether and got third on showmanship with her pig. I was really sad when I had to sell my pig (Sue), and Elizabeth was sad too with her pig (Sparty).  Bethany came down  to spent a couple of days at the fair since she had to crown the next queen. We were so glad she could come down!!
                                                  Here are some pictures at  the fair-

                         Abigail achieved her goal of winning all 3 trophies in her 4-H years.
                                                            Me in the "Show of Champions"
                                                               Me and my pig Sue.
                                               Bethany crowning the next queen!!

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