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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horse talk !!!!

10- 29-11
Today Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, and Benjamin went to Battle Creek,  Abigail went to a football game with some of her friends and Bethany, Rebekah and I stayed home.  Wow!  We had a little bit of snow today!  Are you ready for SNOW????

Abigail and I are getting rid of our horses and are going to be getting two that are younger. We are going to  teach them how to do barrel racing. Abigail already sold her horse (Hoss) to one of our friends, so we can still go see him! I am not going to sell my horse (Angel) but I am going to just give her away. There is a family that is probably going to get her! I am so excited that someone wants her. I thought nobody would want her because she is old and is have a little bit of problem of putting weight on. However, she is a wonderfully safe horse and very fun to ride!

Abigail is probably going to get another horse tomorrow. We weren't going to get horses until the spring as our hay supply is low, but our friend helped us find some that are really, really affordable.  We are all very excited!!  Abigail's horse is a standard bred cross,  4 years old and just green broke. Green broke means it is not trained all the way. We went to see him on Thursday. The place where we looked at him was very close  to our friend's (who is helping us find horses) house so we did not need to drive very far. This horse has a very good temperament and is a good riding horse too . I am looking at a Paint and a Appaloosa. The Paint is 4 years old and green broke. We went to see her on Thursday too but when we got to the place it was dark out, so we did not do much with her. But on Monday we might go see her again and ride her. We have not seen the Appaloosa yet but on Monday we might see it.  I don't know much about the Appaloosa. I will get some pictures on as soon as I can so all of my readers can see what the horses look like.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canning applesauce time!!!

Today we canned applesauce!! We did two bushels of apples. I love it how good it smells when you are canning applesauce and I like it how how it tastes after you are done. I like warm and cold applesauce.
                                    Here are some steps of pictures for making applesauce

1. Pick and wash the apples
2. Cut them in fourths 

3. Boil them in a pot on the stove for about twenty  minutes until they are soft and mushy.               


4. Put them through a applesauce strainer. 
5.  You  put the applesauce in quart jars. Put clean lids and screw tops on.
Then you put them in a canner and bring to a boil for thirty minutes.

6. And now you have applesauce to eat during the winter!! YUM!