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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Asher Acres NEWS!!!!

Hi everybody, Yesterday was my mom's birthday!!  We have a very little amount of snow, but it is very cold out. It feels like winter with a little bit of snow. It helps with chores and hauling buckets of water a long distance.   I like not having to trudge through deep snow.
  Bethany is home while Daniel is at a training camp. I know she misses him, but I think she is glad to be home with her family too.  At least I know we like having her here.
  The news at Asher Acres is that we found a home for Angel!!!!  I am sooo glad she is going to a good home!!!!   My dad told them that we would bring her to their house on Sunday.  I get go see where she is going to live for a while!!!!!
  Is everybody having a good year?  I am.  Here are some pictures of us with our horses.

                                                                                     All of us girls and our horses



Abigail teaching Chess to smile.

                                                                Elizabeth and Daisy
      Addy and me.  She has improved a lot since I got her.