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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!!

    Today Abigial went shopping with one of her friends at 3:00am. I think that is a very unusual time to go shopping. We came home from our Thanksgiving party at 10:15pm and she only had 5and a half hours to sleep.  I think if I did that I would not be all the way awake. I would also probably be a walking robot. At 5:30am Mom, Dad, Rebekah, Elizabeth, Benjamin amd I went shopping . I think that is a better time than waking up at 3:00 to go shopping. We did not get very much. Later this afternoon Mom, Rebekah, Elizabeth and I are going to go shopping again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

   Hi everybody! Today our family went up to Holland for Thanksgiving. It was very fun. It took about two and a half hours to get there. Bethany did not come with us.  She went up to Noth Carolina to have Thanksgiving with Daniel her (her future husband).  I have been riding Addy. She is getting better every time I ride her. She is better on back than on ground.  I have been busy with school and getting ready for Bethany's wedding too!! I am going to be a bridsmaid!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Partner!

November 13 - Hi  everybody, sorry for not updating my blog for you guys. I have been too busy to work on it. I got a new horse and Abigail got a new horse too.  The weather today is rainy and just not the greatest to go out side. So I decided to work on my blog. My sister Bethany is going to get married this December. So we have been going to showers this past week. We have went to two of them already. One was on my Dad's side and the other one was a shower that our neighbors put on. We still need to go to two more. One of the showers is on my birthday.
Our dog Molly ( a Labrador Retriever) is going to have puppies again! She is going to have them around New Years Day!! Right next to my sister Rebekah's Birthday!!
                                  Here is some pictures and some information on Abigail's and my horse.

                               Here is a picture of my horse. Her name is Addy and she is a 2-year old Appaloosa. She is broke to ride and to pull a buggy.  So I am going to go from a 25-year old horse to a 2 year old!! I think I got my hands full now! I have been riding Addy lately. She is not all the way broke but all she needs help with is how to turn left and right for the person who  is riding her. When we got Addy , the people that we got her from told us that she is very hard to catch and is very touchy. So that is another thing I have to work on with her-to trust people and to be easy to catch.  

                              This is a picture of Abigail's horse. Abigail's horse is a 4-year old standard bred crossed with quarter horse. His name is Winchester but we call him Chess for short. I do not know much about this horse. But I do know is that he is friendlier than my horse. He is easier to catch too.