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Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer update

   6 ~ 2 ~ 12 -  Hi everybody! Guess what!! Our family is going to Colorado  for the National Goat Show. We are leaving on July 6. Bethany is not coming.:  (Mom , Dad, Elizabeth and Ben are at a goat show today.  Abigail and I needed to stay home and do the chores.
  I am all done with SCHOOL for the year!! and  I have been working at the Harveys with my sister Abigail. We have been picking a lot of strawberries. The Harvey's farm is a berry farm that has strawberries in the spring and into the summer, blueberries in the summer. They also do raspberries and chestnuts in the fall. It is a great place to get your fresh fruit!! I work there almost all summer long.
    Elizabeth and I brought our horses into the Tekonsha Memorial parade. It  was a great experience for Addie. She was not that bad. She liked to walk sideways on the road during the parade though. Addie does not like trailers going past her but she did really good for the parade. I  rode Addie all the from our house to where the parade started in Tekonsha and then I had to ride her back too. I rode her back because she did not want to load up into the trailer. So in that one day I rode my horse 8 miles. I was soo tired after I did that. But it was fun too. Addie is doing really good. Today I did barrels with her and she has learned so fast on doing them. The best time I have gotten on barrels is 19.15 sec. The only big problem I am have with her is for her to load up into the trailer.:(   But she has been a great horse for me.
                                                             Elizabeth and Daisy
                                                      Addie and me in the parade!!

Molly is going to have puppies on the 18th of this month!!  Hardly and Zoe are growing too fast, some times I get Zoe and Liberty mixed up that is how much they look alike. We have six dogs right now. That is the most we ever had at one time. Plus Molly is going to have some pups soon too. I like our labs, they are really fun - loving and love to be right beside you. I say that because our dog Liberty loves to go wherever I go so I call her my side kick :). Have a great month and enjoy what God has made!!
         ~ Rachel ~