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Friday, December 30, 2011

Chicago trip!!

  Hi everybody!  We have been sooo busy with Bethany's and Danial's wedding, Christmas parties and other things too. Did every body have a good Christmas? I did. Instead of giving each other big presents this year, our family went to Chicago!! We went to the Shedd Aquarium. There we saw sharks, very interesting looking fish, whales, dolphins. We also saw some dolphins do some some tricks too. We also went to the Field Museum. This museum was the museum that the movie Night Of the Museum was made in. There was some cool things there too.
Molly had puppies!! She only had two though. They are both girls and one is black and the other is yellow. We are very glad that they are both girls but we are also disappointed that she had only two. She usually has 6-10 puppies. Molly is our yellow female. She is the oldest dog we have and this is her last time having puppies. Oh we also have two other females so I think we will have enough puppies from them too. 
                                HAPPY NEW YEAR  !!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just life....

Hi everybody! Today Benjamin and I went with dad to finish a job.  He has been having us work with him quite a bit lately. 

We are so busy with Bethany's and Danial's wedding and with other things too. Bethany's and Danial's wedding is on the twenty-third of this month. I think there is one more shower, but it is at our house!! 

Did everybody have a good Thanksgiving? Well I know that my family and I did.   We went to Holland to my mom's side of the family.  We played a bunch of games with some very nice cousins who we have a lot of fun with. 

I have been riding Addy lately. She is coming to me when I call her but she still needs to learn to trust me on  picking  her front and back feet up. Even though she likes to go backwards when I want her to go forward,she is getting better and better each time I work on her.  We had snow last week but it all melted from the rain. Today it is very nice out. I think we found a good home for Angel. She is still at our place but the people that are possibly getting her have not pick her up yet.  Tonight I rode Addy and she is a very good horse to do cow cutting with. I think that the people that taught her to ride also taught her to do cow cutting too. She is awesome at doing what I want her to do. I was herding our little steer around and Addy would try to get it were I wanted the steer to go. She does not know how to do it very well yet,but if I keep working with it on her I think she will turn out to be a great  a cow cutter.  Even though she tries to go backwards and all the other things I told you readers what she is bad at, I think I got myself a good horse. If I keep working on her to trust me and and the other thing too she will turn out just fine.  Addy is also good going around barrels and and turning very sharp. If I work on barrels she will  be a great barrel racer too.
Well I think I that is all for now.