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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy NEW Year!!!

 Hi everyone, I can't believe that  Christmas as already past and the new year  has come!! Has everyone been having a great year lately ?? Well I have.

 Here are some of the things that has happened lately. First, we got three new dogs- two puppies and one full grown male for our breeding system. The puppies names are Patriot who is a male  and he has a lot of energy to burn off and  he is a great puppy dog. Glory is a female puppy from a litter from Buster. She is a cutie!  Crunch is the full grown male that we are using for breeding.  He is great at fetching and is a structurally correct Lab!! Now we have seven dogs total. That is the most we have ever had.
Bethany came home for Christmas and she staying for two weeks. She came on Christmas day.  It is great seeing her again.   

                                                        Here are some pictures of our new puppies.

                                                                        This is Patriot.  He is a male.

                                                                   Glory and Patriot having fun!!