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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling like spring!!

2~ 23~12
Who is wanting spring to be here? Well, I am looking forward to spring. I think spring is going to come earlier than usual. What do you think? February is the time when our baby goats are born. So right now we have four girl kids and ten boy kids. So altogether we have 14 baby goats. They are soo cute and playful. I have already chosen my market wether for the fair. I don't have a name for him yet though. The reason I like spring is when all the goat kids come.  I like to watch the baby animals grow and see the trees turn green. But the one thing I don't like is the MUD!! :(. I will try to get some baby goat pictures on soon as possible. Also spring mean more horse riding!!!

Our puppies are getting so big. They are already 8 weeks old. We are probably going to keep them both!! We might name them Harley and Zoe.The yellow will be Zoe and the black one will be Harley.

My sister Abigail's birthday is going to be on the 26th! She is turning 17!! Now when she turns 17 we won't be saying that Abigail and I are the same age. I am OK with that. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Puppy Love

   Hi everybody, don't you guys love the weather we have been having? I like it a lot. I have been riding Addy in those days. Today however is just the opposite of the other days. It is not sunny at all, instead  it is just a cloudy, colder day.  Here are some pictures of Molly's puppies from 2012!! 
     The puppies are 6 weeks old today.

                                                           is it she cute !!!!!!
                                                         The yellow girl is soo friendly and playful. 
                                                           The black girl is soo friendly and playful too.
                                                            Aren't they too cute!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's SO quiet here!

  Hi everybody, how did the first mouth of the new year go for you all. I can't believe that it is already February 1. Last Friday  dad , mom, Rebekah, Elizabeth and my brother Benjamin went down to North Carolina to visit Bethany and Daniel. Abigail and I stayed home to do the chores and to keep our two puppies alive and out of trouble. My family are coming home tonight, they are also going to bring Bethany home!!  I am glade that she is coming home.  This past week was very quiet. I would rather have my family home than having quietness!!. I am glad that I have a big family. I wounder what it is like to have just one sibling, It was kinda like that this past week. I only had my sister Abigail.  She is very fun to be with, just saying. I am very thankful that I have other siblings too, they are also fun to be with. I kinda miss the loudness of our house.  I guess you get so used to it that you miss the action. I did actually had fun with sister this past week. We did a lot of fun things together. Those that have a lot of siblings I would advise you to be thankful for them because what would you do with out them and you'll never know how long you will have them. It is nice having other siblings because that means you have more opportunities to show love  to them and also how much God loves them.
                                  BE THANKFUL FOR SIBLINGS.
 Yesterday I rode my horse Addy. She has unproved a ton. I am teaching her to shake, she is doing it for me when I tell her. I am also teaching her to bow, I just started that yesterday so I can't tell if she's picking up on it. Addy is now coming to me when I whistle at her, she is also trusting  me to pickup her back feet!!  She has been doing great on her front feet. So now there you have an  update on Addy.  =)

Enjoy February!