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Monday, April 30, 2012

 Hi every body, I can hardly believe that it is gong to be May tomorrow! Who likes the month May? Well I do!!  My brother Benjamen's birthday is on the 21st.

This Saturday we are having an open house for our milk shares and our farm. We show people around our farm, give demonstrations on how to make soap , how to make goat cheese and how to make bread. It's a day to show people how we do milk shares and we also get more people interested in  milk shares too. We do both goat and cow shares. I prefer the goat's milk to the cow's milk. God has blessed us with the milk shares. We have about 25 milk share customers.

Tomorrow we are having a group of homeschoolers (CCHE) over to show them the farm and every thing else.
We are going to have some games, a farmyard scavenger hunt and other games too. We are going to give pony rides, with Elizabeth's horse. Elizabeth and I are going to show how to do barrel  racing. We will also let the kids do some hand milking on some goats.

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